September 20, 2017

June 30, 2017


A year ago, La Veine was born out of pure boredom and the urge to create something of my own. From the start there was this very specific vision that would turn the blog into something I had never seen before, and I worked towards that goal from day one. La Veine quickly became my favorite hobby, my passion and my biggest obsession. After all this was, and still is, my baby project.

A year later La Veine is a lovely blog, but it's also something completely different from what was initially planned. The project itself has changed a lot from day one in order to evolve and I've learned a few things along the way as well, which is something I believe not only to be natural, but also inevitable. I had the chance to work with great brands, take pictures I still love and to connect with so many of you. It was an exciting journey and I got a taste of what I could be doing in the future.

But one push at a time and I was slowly becoming someone I didn't want to be, at least that was what happened online. I tried to look stylish and likable, I shot my outfits of the day and talked about my favorite clothes. It was fun for a while, but then I realized that I was not being myself; I am not a blogger and I am definitely not a digital influencer. It's just not something I can do and love. And it's time to finally keep it real and do something different not only for myself, but also for the ones who might actually enjoy reading my ramblings. I want to be a different kind of influence to the world. I have a lot to say, and I'm planning on sharing it my way.

I finally graduated from college last week (huge win!) and it was absolutely incredible to see something I created with my own hands walking down the runway for the first time. I realized I want to feel that proud of every little thing I do in my life, and that's why this (temporary) goodbye is so important. I'm planning on staying away from the internet next month since I have a lot of books to read, a roadtrip to take and a completely different La Veine to plan. But I will definitely be back, so stay tuned and enjoy your Summer.

See you soon!

UPDATE: Visit me here

June 17, 2017


You know the drill: I'll be talking about a few things I'm currently obsessed with. If you're curious about what they might be, keep on reading! Tenho a certeza de que, pelo título, já sabem o que vos espera: uma pequena lista de coisas que adoro neste momento. Se estão curiosos, continuem a ler!